Choosing to become a vegan is a serious choice to make. You must ensure you know all about its basics to prevent falling back to the same dietary patterns. Additionally, it’s not just about eating fruits and vegetables plus abstaining from meat. There are a lot of factors to consider, and we will delve deeper into them to help you get started. 

This article will discuss the two basic facts about being a vegan. Take this as an opportunity to make certain you have all the necessary information and resources you have for your lifestyle change. This way, you can succeed in both your short-term and long-term goals, allowing you to make smarter choices for the sake of your health, wellbeing, and surrounding community.

Fact #1: Vegan food has a lot of restrictions, but it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy it! 

You may think that an easy healthy dinner for a vegan is just a few greens and water. But the truth is different food products can have animal-based preservatives and additives to make them taste better and produce them for cheaper. So if you are just starting your new vegan lifestyle, your primary tools are research and meal planning. This way, you don’t have to compromise with your new diet and adjust more quickly. 

For instance, let’s say you want to snack on some salted peanuts and orange juice. You may think they are vegan-safe since they have natural ingredients. However, most factory-produced peanuts often use animal-based gelatin to ensure the salt sticks to peanuts. Some variations of orange juice also utilize omega-3 with fish oil and lanolin (a byproduct taken from sheep’s wool). 

It may seem tougher to source food as a vegan, but the truth is you just need to be smarter about where you acquire them. One surefire way you can do so is to search for “vegan options near me” on Google. This way, you can find the different food shops and restaurants that provide you various options for your diet. 

For example, if you’re craving the savory taste of barbeque when you’re starting out as a vegan, you can check out our BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich. We use slow-cooked, baby-brine jackfruit mixed with your special sauce and tropical flavors. Exploring more food options can let you have an exciting vegan experience without feeling guilty about the taste! 

Fact #2: The vegan experience can help you build new connections with friends and family as you endeavor to make the world more sustainable and environment-friendly.  

It’s normal to feel alone in the process of becoming vegan, especially when you are the first one to do this among your friends and family. It may even be tempting to go back to normal yet healthy meals, like vegetarian and pescetarian. The good news is there are like-minded individuals you can meet. There are different Facebook groups, subreddits, and other online spaces filled with veganism agendas. You may even be shocked to find that they have different niche groups, like vegans for the LGBTQ+ community or vegan pet owners. 

When you identify with the right vegan group, whether online or in person, you can feel more included. You can also talk about your experience as a vegan with willing pals and family members, allowing you to widen your influence as a responsible, pro-sustainable eater. Just make sure you are making the right choices by staying informed, and don’t push your views on others to think about their wellbeing and health. 


Veganism can be a fulfilling life change, provided that you do it for yourself and the kind of developments you wish to see in the world. You just need to keep studying various eating habits, lifestyle changes, and more to guarantee success. Consider becoming a vegan or try vegan-appropriate food today!

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