Meat is often seen as the bane of human health—it is the greasy, fatty villain that aims to damage your physical well-being and add fat to your body. While some of this is true, not all meat is bad for you.

“So, I’m free to have a burger every day?”

No, you’re not. Burger patties contain high amounts of oil, and regularly ingesting them can lead to multiple health complications and life-long conditions like heart disease. Pulled pork, on the other hand, can do quite a bit of good to your body.

What Is Pulled Pork?

Pulled pork is just how it sounds—pork that’s “pulled.” It is a way of cooking pork that’s different from how you are used to! 

Pulled pork is made by slow-cooking pork shoulder over low heat for hours upon hours, until it begins to fall apart, ready to be shredded or pulled apart.

How Can Pulled Pork Affect My Health?

Eating well can be quite a bit of a challenge, especially when you’re just starting out. Having a well-balanced diet is essential to having a healthy body and mind—but does it mean you have to say goodbye to meat forever? Of course not!

Eating an excessive amount of meat will have detrimental effects on the body, but eating pulled pork in the right amount will be good for you. Although pulled pork is made of meat, it has multiple benefits that can positively affect your health. 

Here are a few reasons why you should include pulled pork in your diet:

Improved Muscle Performance

Dry, lean pork has very high levels of protein and contains all nine essential amino acids that help create muscle and are vital to muscle function. Eating pulled pork can help you regain healthy muscle tissue and build new muscle!

Better Metabolism

Pulled pork contains vitamin B-6, which helps regulate metabolism and metabolizes fats, carbohydrates, and other nutrients into energy. The protein in pulled pork also promotes a faster metabolism, which can help you lose weight faster.

Increased Red Blood Cell Production

When you have a low red blood cell count, you will be more likely to have the condition known as anemia. It occurs when you don’t have enough red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body. As a result, your body won’t be able to function properly, and you will have a higher risk of dying.

You can increase your red blood cell count by taking iron supplements and eating nutrient-dense foods like pulled pork. Pulled pork has vitamins and minerals that help produce red blood cells in your body.

Stronger Immune System

The immune system protects your body from harmful substances like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and toxins that can harm your body. When you have a weakened immune system, you will be more prone to getting sick or, worse, getting life-threatening diseases.

Eating pulled pork contains zinc properties that can help boost your immune system. With a strong immune system, you’re free to live a happy, illness-free life!


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