People are now more health-conscious than ever and for many good reasons. With the amount of processed, fatty, and sugary food widely available, it’s easy to gorge on stuff that isn’t good for you. Additionally, a lot of the food people consume is harmful to the environment, contributing further to greenhouse gas emissions. For these reasons, sustainably sourced and organic food have taken center stage, gaining the renewed interest and attention they have always deserved!

Organic food is much healthier than other kinds of foods available. They’re often sustainably produced, which means you’re supporting environmentally-friendly practices and local farmers with your purchase. Here are five reasons to switch to organic food and why it’s healthier for you and the environment:

Organic Farming Is Better for Soil

What you buy at the grocery store affects more than your health, but that of Mother Nature as well. Inorganic, mass-produced foods are often treated with toxic chemicals designed to preserve the crop and kill everything around it, like organisms that the soil needs to continue providing nutrients. These organisms are replaced with synthetic fertilizers that contain more toxic chemicals. Ultimately, you’ll be eating a whole lot of human-made stuff that just isn’t good for you.

Organic Food Supports Pollination

Non-organic food uses plenty of herbicides and pesticides to prevent bugs from eating their crops. Unfortunately, they do not discriminate, which means they kill off good bugs like pollinators who are integral to sustaining the ecosystems. Pollination is essential since it allows plants to produce seeds, which are crucial for creating the next cycle of plants, supporting infinite generations of reliable food sources. By eating organic food, you’ll be putting your money towards one of nature’s most important processes while helping the Earth stay healthy.

Organic Food Helps Create a Healthier Community

Organically grown food accounts for the welfare of its surroundings, which means that it does not harm the environment. It does not contribute to the pollution of the air, water, and soil, which keeps these toxins out of people’s bodies. Additionally, organic farmers don’t use herbicides or pesticides, which means they aren’t exposed to these chemicals, helping them stay healthy. Since organic food is usually bought at farmer’s markets, it also supports transactions that favor fewer transportation costs and emissions. 

Organic Food Is Replete with Nutrients

Soil is naturally filled with nutrients, which is another reason organically produced food is so mineral-rich. Healthy dirt eliminates the need for fertilizers like synthetic ones, which are made from fossil fuels. That means non-organic food lacks the nutrients and minerals you need to sustain your body’s essential functions and keep it in good working order. Eating organic food not only ensures that you get the sustenance you need but shows your support for sustainable farming practices that focus on preserving the environment.

Organic Food Is Toxin- and Pesticide-Free

Lastly, organic farming is free of toxic chemicals, which means you’ll also be keeping these harmful substances out of your system. Eating non-organic food treated with pesticides and herbicides means you’ll essentially be eating food treated with stuff that has killed bugs, and you definitely wouldn’t want that in your system. Organic food also keeps these chemicals away from the ocean since whatever reaches the soil seeps into aquifers below, making its way to nearby bodies of water.


Eating a healthy diet of organic food is ultimately the best way to consume sustainably, support local farmers, and preserve the environment. It’s also much more beneficial for you than consuming non-organic, processed foods that are high in fat, cholesterol, and sugar instead of the nutrients you need to support good health. With all these benefits, eating well will always be a win-win!

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