Mac n’ cheese is easily one of the most comforting foods in existence. Nothing makes you feel better than a bowl of steaming noodles covered in delicious cheese sauce, especially on a cold, rainy day. Mac n’ cheese will always have your back and offer an endless supply of warmth and coziness, which is definitely more than you can say for people!

The wonderful thing about mac n’ cheese is that it doesn’t demand anything from you. It never calls you after midnight for a work task that could wait until morning, offers unwelcome opinions, or stand you up on a date. Mac n’ cheese shows up for you when everyone else doesn’t, and it can make for a deliciously healthy dinner to boot!

Here are five ways mac n’ cheese will never fail you:

It Makes You Feel Good

Mac n’ cheese undoubtedly makes you feel good from the first bite down to the last. It’s like getting a warm hug inside, instantly giving you the love and comfort you need without relying on someone else. That salty, savory taste of cheese combined with macaroni cooked to perfection will make you forget all your worries and help you feel better about whatever situation you’re in, reminding you that there’s still a lot in life to enjoy. 

It’s Simple to Cook

One of the best benefits of mac n’ cheese is that it is startlingly simple to prepare. It’s hard to mess up a bowl of noodles and cheese sauce, which means that every bowl you prepare is guaranteed to delicious. If you want to get fancy, you can switch it up with different kinds of cheeses and enjoy a new level of the dish. Reheated mac n’ cheese may not have the gooeyness you love, but it’s definitely still tasty enough to eat over and over again!

It’s One of the Most Accessible Foods

Mac n’ cheese will always be there for you, no matter what. All you need to cook is some macaroni or elbow noodles, cheese of your choosing, butter, and cream, which everyone has in your kitchen. You won’t need complicated ingredients or spices just to whip up a classic bowl, but that’s always an option if you want to try something new. If you happen to run out of cheese, you’ll never have a hard time finding some at your nearest grocery store either.

It Can Be Indulgent, Healthy, or Both

Another outstanding quality of mac n’ cheese is that you can turn it into an indulgent meal or a healthy dinner, depending on how you’re feeling. You’ve probably heard anti-cheese sentiments from various people, but if you’re in the mood to treat yourself, slather on all the cheese you want! However, if you want a more balanced meal, then our mac n’ cheese is the one for you. It’s made of asiago, parmesan, and cotija, with options to add pulled pork, chicken and cauliflower, and candied bacon. You can even explore making it with vegan cheese. Mac n’ cheese can be anything you want it to be, and it’ll be delicious either way!

It’s Always There For You

Lastly, mac n’ cheese will always be there for you. It’s effortless to cook, allowing you to fulfill your cravings at any time. It won’t make you wait, either, since you can make mac n’ cheese as quickly as four minutes, depending on how you prepare it or what you buy. With such simple ingredients, mac n’ cheese will always be available to make you feel better when you need it.


Mac n’ cheese makes for an easy healthy dinner or a rich, indulgent snack to help you cheer up. With all the dependable qualities it possesses, mac n’ cheese is excellent comfort food to have by your side, even when you’re in the mood for vegan food!

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