Eating well has become a priority for more and more Americans today. In fact, research conducted by the Pew Research Center details that 54% of Americans say that they now care more about having a healthy diet compared to 20 years ago. While this is great from a health and wellness standpoint, this also means avoiding food items that are beloved, and one great example of this is tacos.

While incredibly tasty, tacos are often packed with saturated fat, cheese, and red meat. But eating food that has high saturated fat content can cause high blood pressure, high bad cholesterol, and raise the risk for cardiovascular diseases. So, does this mean you should stop eating tacos altogether?

Fortunately, tacos are quite flexible when it comes to what you put in them, and there are tiny adjustments you can make to make this delicacy healthier. If this is something that you want to know more about, read on as we give you a quick run-through on how to make guilt-free and healthy tacos at home!


Now, most traditional Mexican restaurants serve their tacos on flour tortillas. Flour tortillas are refined carbohydrates and are absorbed by the body quicker than other carbs, but this can cause a spike in a person’s blood sugar levels. Some restaurants even deep fry their tortillas, which makes them even worse from a health standpoint!

Now, there are healthier alternatives to flour tortillas. Corn tortillas and whole wheat tortillas are the healthier options. Both of them are complex carbs and contain more fiber, making them better for digestion. You’ll also want to avoid fried tortillas, and baked ones are a good alternative if you’re looking to make a hard shell taco.


As we’ve stated previously, a lot of what makes tacos unhealthy is the choice of meat. You really aren’t doing yourself any favors by eating a lot of carnitas and chorizo every day. Fortunately, tacos allow for a lot of creativity when it comes to what kind of meat you use. Our Sexy Chef chicken & cauliflower tacos are a great example of this, as you can indulge your taco cravings without deviating from your healthy diet.

When it comes to tacos, you don’t even need to use meat! There are quite a few meat alternatives that will be good for anyone looking to explore vegan food. Jackfruit is a good meat alternative, as its texture closely resembles pulled pork. If you’re going to use jackfruit, remember to use young and green jackfruit. Unlike ripe jackfruit, the green jackfruit has a flavor that is more savory!


Salsa is already quite healthy on its own. It is basically just lime juice, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, chiles, and a variety of spices. The only thing you’ll want to watch out for is using some store-bought salsas. 

Some store-bought salsa is loaded with sodium and sugar. For the most part, you’ll want to make your own salsa so that you can control the amount of salt (if any) you include!


The main takeaway here is that you don’t have to give everything up just because you want to live a healthier lifestyle. Remember that there are always healthier alternatives for food that you enjoy. The key here is being willing to experiment and go out of your comfort zone and try new food out!

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of cooking, Sexy Chef is a great choice. We are one of the best healthy places to eat in Phoenix. We also offer a wide array of nutritious food options and South Pacific vegan options for those who are living a meat-free lifestyle. Get in touch with us today so that you can start eating well!